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With the Chakra yoga teacher training, you will learn everything about how to best deal with the chakras. Which chakra for which body part, how do you guide the students, how do you put the chakra yoga classes together? Step by step you will be guided in this beautiful process to become a Chakra yoga teacher including three years of free registration with the SSMHG.From our yoga practice, we are all intimately familiar with our physical bodies and how they function and perform on a daily basis.
In modern society, it has almost become an obsession. We have become so narrowly focused on the physicality of our bodies 
– how we eat, how we move, how we sleep 
– that we begin to think our physical bodies exist in isolation. We identify almost exclusively with the outer shells of our being because how we feel and how we experience the world through our five senses comprises our most obvious reality 
- the purely physical plane of existence.
But human beings are not that simple – we are extremely sophisticated, complex creatures, and the physical body is just a vessel. Beneath the sheath of the physical plane, there is a much more subtle, purely energetic layer of our existence.


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September Discount

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